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Ask a Doctor

Digital health consultation service

A special service for busy parents. Now, getting in touch with a medical doctor to address your child or your health concerns can be achieved with just a few click away all from the comfort of your home. We bring the convenience of online consultation with our GP Doctors with out having to step out of your home.

We also bring your prescription medications to your door steps. Prescriptions medicine will be delivered with in few hours. We ship islandwide.

Who is it for? 

This is for the busy working parents or for parents with younger children who find it hard to dedicate a big chunk of their time to visit the nearest GP clinic and and your little one to the nearest clinic, waiting with worries that you or your little one might get infected with some sickness from the sick patients in the waiting area while waiting for your turn to meet a doctor.

We wanted to make this journey of seeking medical help either for health related concerns for your child or for yourselves and to get the prescription medication topup without worrying about the peak hour waiting in the nearest clinic.

Book an Online GP Consultation with Singapore Registered Doctor

To book for a GP consult click on the link, Select the duration and register your details in the appointment form.

Book an appointment for Homebased Health Screening

Check for the package that best suits your requirement and book an appointment for the home based health screening. After you fill in the patient details and pay for the service. The Clinic nurse will contact you for appointment confirmation. The Nurse will visit your home on the appointment day to collect the sample. Followed by a review call with a GP doctor at no additional cost. All included in the package.

Book Homebased Predeparture PCR/ART Test

Are you travelling overseas for work or for family holidays and require PCR/ ART test results. Now you can book PCR swab test at your home. Our nurses are well trained in children PCR swab test and help reduce child anxiety. Or book for online guided ART test from your home.


1. How do you access online consults?

Every qualified member will be sent an email with the link to access the registration form to create an account with our Kidsgainhealth Eczema Clinic. Once a user account is created, you will be able to download and login with the apps provided below, from our partner, Mydoc.

2. What questions can I ask the healthcare professionals on the Kids GainHealth -MyDoc platform?

Mydoc doctors are GPs who can advice you on Child eczema related and basic health questions. They can proceed to provide a prescription, diagnostic referral, referral  to specialists, medical certificate.

3. What if my preferred healthcare provider is not on your list of professionals?

MyDoc will provide professionals who are trained to use the platform. The healthcare professionals listed on our platform should not replace your existing providers and should be seen as an additional point of access to relevant medical information.

4. Do you have Dermatologist among your panel doctors?

No, our medical doctors can arrange for a dermatologist appointment through the portal. 

5. Is the platform secure and private?

The MyDoc platform is a PDPA compliant platform that holds data on behalf of the user. Users are owners of their healthcare data and control access to it. Users have the option of sharing data with any healthcare providers on the platform. At all times, the user is able to see others with whom they have shared any individual health record. 

6. How can I collect the prescription medicine?

For Self Pick up: You can collect it from your nearest approved Guardian pharmacies during their operating hours. 

7. Can I request for delivery of prescription medicine?

Yes, we can arrange for delivery of prescription medicine and notify you on time of arrival. Delivery charges applied. It is typically within 4-6 hours between 9 am - 7 pm.  If medical consultation was made after 7 pm the medications will be delivered on the next working day.


It was such a relief, to consult with a doctor online for my daughters eczema flareups as I ran out of prescription medication. Kids Gainhealth has offered an excellent service and I would highly recommend this to other parents. It saved me hours waiting to see a doctor at clinic.   


After the initial set up process doctor is just a call away, and this gives me piece of mind in getting professional help. The doctor was very professional  in asking about my child's health history and food allergies and prescribed medication accordingly. I received them with in 4 hours. 



Please note that Gainhealth Clinic and Homecare is a Gp Clinic and the patient medical records will be managed by the clinic. You will be booking appointment for teleconsultation services in their portal, and the doctors from Gainhealth Clinic and Homecare will consult the patient, any prescription medication and follow up will be fulfilledby Gainhealth clinic and homecare.

kidsgainhealth.com is an E-pharmacy focused on Children Eczema management and thus reducing the caregivers stress in looking after their children with eczema. We are an healthcare integrator which make is easy for busy parents to get over the counter product and make it easy for parents to book medical consultation to a GP doctor all from the comfort of your home.

Kids GainHealth customers can access the digital health consultation service from Ask a Doctor section. We are working with Gainhealth Clinic and homecare to bring you homebased health screening test to test for food allergies for your child or yourself all from the comfort of your home.

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