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The 5 Do's And 5 Dont's of Eczema Care


If you have a child with eczema or atopic dermatitis, you know it is difficult is to weed through all the advice on how to stop the constant itching and painful flareups. Your family, friends and the Internet offer a plethora of treatments that are said to cure your kid’s eczema. As parents who are desperate to help your child, you will almost try anything, but some of the advice can worsen your kid’s skin condition. 

So, in this post, we’ll discuss 5 skincare do’s and don’ts for a child with eczema that will help to manage their flareups.

Skincare Do’s for Child Eczema

1. Do: Shorten Bath Time, Moisturise and Hydrate

Dry skin can lead to eczema flareups in your kid. So, never give them a hot bath. You should shorten your kids bathing or showering time by encouraging them to take quick baths in lukewarm water. Other things such as bath oils, oatmeal, baking soda and salt can help to soothe and heal eczema in your child. You can use Ceradan® Gentle Wash Cleanserget timely eczema treatment from your doctor, a face and body wash for your kid with mild eczema. If your child has severe flareups, then try Ceradan® Moisturising Bodywash to rebuild the skin’s protective barrier. 

And immediately, afterwards apply a lotion, ceramide-based cream or ointments like petroleum jelly to your child’s skin. Moisturising immediately after a bath while their skin is still damp will help to avoid dry skin that is a major eczema trigger. In some cases, your kid may need more than just a bath and eczema moisturizing to manage their skin condition. Your doctor can help you find a topical kids eczema creams to manage the flareups in your kid. 

2. Do: Skip the Scents

Avoid using the soaps, lotions, or detergents with fragrance. Instead, use mild, dye-free, and unscented products as these are less likely to trigger a reaction to your child’s skin.

3. Do: Dress Them Up for Itch Control

Some cloth fabrics may cause itchiness to your kid’s skin. This may force your child to scratch their skin and eventually cause skin irritation. So, you should always choose soft, breathable fabrics such as 100% cotton clothes that help to control itchiness in eczema kid.

4. Do: Avoid Allergens

Over 35% of children with eczema also have a food allergy. So, ensure to know what is kicking your kid’s eczema into high gear. Eczema flareups in kids can also be triggered due to dust mites, pollen or pet dander.

5. Do: Ease Their Stress

Your child’s skin may show up red, itchy skin when he/she is under pressure. So, you should help them avoid stressors by identifying stressful situations such as public performance or a big test at school. Ensure they get what they need to cope up with their daily life.

These could include:

  • Healthy food
  • Plenty of sleep
  • Exercise
  • Relax with deep breaths
  • Take a break

Skincare Don’ts for Child Eczema

1. Don’t: Use Just Any Moisturiser

When looking for a moisturiser ensure to stick with an ointment or cream with high oil content. The more the oil content in the moisturiser, the better it can hold water inside your kid’s skin. Make sure to apply the moisturiser in a thick layer on the affected areas of your child’s skin.

Your doctor may also prescribe a cream or an ointment for your child after examining their skin condition. Ensure to use this as per the dosage prescribed by your doctor. If your child has allergies and their eczema rashes are severe and infected, your doctor may prescribe other medicines to manage their skin condition.

2. Don’t: Let Them Scratch

Your little one can have a hard time leaving their hands along when they have itching due to
eczema. Messing with it can make their skin worse cause patches of skin to get thick.
Moreover, it can even lead to infection.

So, you should teach your child not to scratch their skin, avoid itchy fabrics like wool, keep their nails trimmed short, and give them light, comfortable gloves to wear to bed if he/she tends to scratch in his/her sleep. Also, using a wet and cool washcloth on irritated spots can help to ease your kid's urge to scratch.  

3. Don’t: Let Them Overheat

Hot and sweaty skin can result in an eczema outbreak in your kid. Sweating can cause eczema to itch in children. Ensure to avoid hot baths or showers for your kids. Keep your kid away from too much activity especially when they have bad flareups.

Choose light and breathable fabrics like cotton for your child living with eczema, so that it is easy for them to stay comfortable when the temperature changes. Make sure to keep your house cool, especially their bedroom. Use lightweight sheets and bedspreads for your kid with eczema so that you can change often- once in a week in hot water. Also, use dust mite covers on pillows and mattresses. 

4. Don’t: Ignore Infection

As your child’s skin with eczema is at risk for bacteria or viruses, you should keep an eye out for signs of infection such as:

  • Bumps or blisters filled with pus
  • Warmth around the affected areas of skin
  • Crusted spots that look different than the rest of your child’s eczema

Once you spot infection on their skin, ensure to get timely eczema treatment from doctor.

5. Don’t: Do It All Yourself

Once your child is old enough, help him/her to learn and follow smart skin care routine so that he/she can take an active part to keep the eczema flareups away. Parents should teach basic tips such as not to scratch to their very young kids. Ensure to teach them not to be around smoke as it can also be an eczema trigger. 


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