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Telemedicine for Child Eczema

A mother consulting a doctor online for her daughters health concerns

Are you the kind of mother who takes half a day from work or blames yourself for the long queue in the clinic during the peak hours in the evening because of struggling to prioritize work and your child’s eczema needs? At Kids GainHealth, we understand your stress and worries about your child’s eczema skin condition and the need to get timely care to avoid complications or infections. 

Moreover, with the prevailing pandemic, people are more concerned to visit doctors in the clinic. This is where tele-consultation comes in handy for parents, especially mothers of children with eczema. You can schedule an online appointment with a doctor for treating your child’s symptoms without needing to get out of your home.

Why prefer telemedicine consults for your child’s eczema skin condition?

Telemedicine allows a patient to book a medical appointment with a Singapore board-certified doctor online. Just with a click away from your mobile phone or desktop. Where the patient and doctor can get on an online medical consultation within a very short waiting time.

Visiting a doctor at the clinic during the usual clinic business hours may pose a challenge for most people. This task requires a lot of planning from getting ready to leave the home, to hitting the road to commute and waiting in a queue for a long time just to meet a doctor and get some prescription or even for a basic prescription top-up. 

This can be a problem especially for mothers, who are the primary caregivers for their children. Due to Covid 19, people now work longer than usual hours and are glued to work. Work from home is our new normal. 

A recent study has stated that women feel more stressed about working from home. Juggling between remote working, parenting, and doing household chores can take a toll on a mother's health and mental wellbeing.

Also, less flexible work schedules can be challenging, especially if they are unable to take their child to the clinic at normal business hour appointments. This problem is just not about the inconvenience but also a health issue to your child as you end up delaying or possibly even foregoing their treatment altogether.

However, when medical care happens in real-time through online consultation, simultaneously without affecting your work, it is convenient for mothers to care for their children with eczema.

Advantages of tele-consultation service:  How does tele-health improve patient care

  • Access 24/7 and 365 days. 
  • Reduce extra commute expenses. 
  • Reduce long waiting hours at the clinic 
  • Can book online medical appointments at the comfort of your home. 
  • Prescription delivered at your doorstep
  • Easy to follow up on your child’s medical condition and prescription top-ups with ease.
  • To book an appointment to see a specialist.
  • This helps the doctor to spend more time caring for the patient who needs extra care in the clinic.

Atopic Dermatitis is a chronic condition that affects the skin's natural barrier function, and this condition needs continuous care. As eczema flare-ups could be triggered by many allergens.

Mothers are always worried about what works best? and what they need to do, when a child has flareups? all this adds to their anxiety. With online doctors, they can get connected anytime from anywhere and get medical help to address the child’s eczema issues.  

Is online doctor consultation is common in Singapore? 

Yes, due to the Covid 2019, telemedicine has become a new normal in some households in Singapore. Tele-health service is more common among the corporate world in Singapore and due to the uncertain pandemic situation, online doctor consultation is now seen as an alternative to seeing a doctor in a clinic.  

Tele-consultation service at Kids GainHealth

At Kids GainHealth, we are mothers as well, so we understand other mothers and the challenges they face being their children, primary caregivers.  To make sure every mother is taken care of as much as they care for their loved ones in their family. We bring medical care closer to where they are and make it available 24/7 all day long. 

We offer online doctor consultation services to our mother members who have purchased child eczema management products worth SGD 58 through our website.

The qualified members will receive an email with information on how they can get access to their first virtual consultation services at Kids GainHealth Eczema Clinic. 

We have partnered with one of the Telehealth providers to extend their medical services to our members with children having pre-existing eczema conditions. 

Receiving medical care and treatment through our services is not only faster and convenient but also effective for managing the eczema symptoms in your children. Additionally, prescriptions can be delivered to your doorstep. Check out our digital health consultation service here.

How to prepare before an online video medical consultation:

  • First book an online consultation 
  • Ensure to set up your video appointments in a well-lit area. 
  • Make sure the room you have chosen for video consultation should have a strong internet connection 
  • Test the camera and microphone before the teleconsultation. 
  • Prepare a set of questions you wanted to ask the doctor.
  • Have the list of medications that your child is on  
  • Summary of your child's condition, Family history details. 
  • get good resolution pictures of your child's eczema skin and share it with the doctor via upload function.
  • Get multiple pictures from different angles without camera shake, as this helps the doctor to understand the skin condition and recommend effective treatment.
  • be considerate about the allowed consultation time, so other patients seeking medical help can be addressed as well.

With the help of telemedicine service, mothers can manage their children's eczema rashes and other skin infections that are caused by continuous itching and scratching which could damage the natural protective barrier making their children's skin more vulnerable to infections.

The virtual medical consultation allows both doctors and caregivers to engage in back and forth discussion which mimics the in-person clinic visit experience. With this service, eczema can be well monitored and managed. Which ultimately improves the quality of life of both mothers and their children.

Bottom Line

As a mother to a kid with eczema, you must be worried about your kid’s quality of life. You may feel a bit hesitant at first to get care for your child from a doctor who couldn’t physically examine your kid. But our tele-consultation services involve easy and simple steps that can provide timely help to manage your child’s eczema. 

Our doctors can guide you to manage your child’s eczema management journey effectively through a digital online platform. Where help is just a button click away. Kidsgainhealth wants to make sure to help you manage your child’s eczema symptoms without needing to get out of your home.

An adult must always accompany a child under the age of 18 throughout the tele-consultation session.

We currently offer teleconsult service for our members who have purchased products worth $58 and above from our online kidsgainhealth.com store, the membership is valid for 30 days. To continue the membership, the customer must purchase a minimum $58 worth of products monthly. 


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