Online Workshop on Managing the Emotional toll of Eczema


This workshop is focused on providing additional support for parents who deal with anxiety in looking after their children with eczema.

About this Event

To celebrate women in Singapore who are mother's, with International Women’s Day around the corner, we would like to offer Free Admission to our online workshop on “Managing the Emotional Toll of Eczema” Use promo code ”WOMENSDAY” at the checkout page to avail free entry ticket for the event.

This workshop is a collaboration between jitters.SG and, with a common purpose of providing additional support for parents who are struggling to deal with their child's eczema.

If you are a caretaker of a young child with eczema, you may find this useful.

Just like you, I am an Eczema Mum, going through the pain and guilt of seeing my child suffering from the constant itch, scratching and bleeding - disrupting her sleep, her health and social life. At times, I really lost myself in the fight, feeling helpless, challenged, and easily triggered.

Little did I know my own emotions play a part in helping my child cope with her eczema as well, for the better - or worse.

Since I started applying the emotional management techniques I know as an emotional coach on myself, and on her (now 4.5 years old), I have seen improvement, not only in our spirit, in the way we deal with eczema but also in the skin condition. I can't promise my sharing can help alleviate the physical symptoms for your child, but I know for a fact that, when we take care of our own emotions, we can do more to support our children.

In this 1-hour workshop, you will

  • Be guided to pinpoint what bothers you about your child's eczema
  • Experience a mindfulness 2.0 exercise to neutralize these emotions
  • Learn to establish a connection with your child and his/her eczema
  • Explore useful techniques to help your child cope with the emotional toll of eczema

Take it as a break for yourself. Come hang out with other parents who are going through the same journey, share your experience and support each other. Our children need us, and we need each other, to know that - none of us are alone on this journey.


Janny Huynh is a Wellness Warrior, Anxiety Coach and mother of two beautiful children. Having worked in the corporate world for many years, Janny has often seen herself trying to push through things by burying stress and neglecting her emotional health.

It was only when she became a mother, that she began to witness its spillover effects on her own child’s behaviours, feelings and even physical health. Curious, Janny started her own journey of research into different therapies and coaching methods. Finally, she decided to train and get certified in MAP Coaching – a mind coaching method based on neuroscience.

Today, Janny can testify to the benefits of prioritizing mental-emotional wellbeing. She founded jitters.SG to advocate the importance of emotional wellness, help professionals overcome daily stressors and anxiety, to be their best for life's important moments.

As a Mum, Janny also writes about her motherhood experience. After writing "Managing the Emotional Toll for Eczema Mums" handbook as a personal project to support other Mums in a similar situation, Janny has received much heartwarming feedback, encouraging her to do more to support the community of Eczema parents.


Padmaja Sakthi, Founder of, a health tech direct to a consumer e-commerce store that sells kids and women multivitamins, immunity supplements, eczema management skincare products for children of all ages. It also offers members complimentary doctor consultations from the comfort of their homes.

As a mother of 2 children, balancing the work and health of family members is a challenging task. Especially during a new work-from-home environment which adds to the increased stress level among mothers. So we have introduced a new feature on our website where our members get access to consult doctors for their family healthcare concerns from the comfort of their home, instead of browsing dr. internet and getting overwhelmed with information and anxiety issues.


All proceeds will be donated to Club Rainbow (Singapore) - an independent charity supporting and empowering children with chronic illnesses and their families towards an enriching life.

Event Details:

Venue: Online Event

Date: 12th March 2021, Friday

Time: 8 pm to 9 pm

Tickets available at Eventbrite, get your tickets now and see you on 12th March.


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