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How to Build Kids Immunity During Exam Season

Exam season may be stressful not only for kids but for everyone at home. Moreover, with the prevailing pandemic, the need to take care of your child’s health is more important than ever.

As per the latest news based on a recent online survey conducted by the local charity ‘Focus on the Family Singapore

"7 in 10 children feel negative about the upcoming school exams. More than 3 in 5 kids are more anxious about their examinations than they are about Covid-19."

However, the anxiousness and stress levels during the exams amid Covid doesn’t have to take a toll on your child’s health. Here are a few ways to build your kids immunity during the exam with the pandemic.

1.    Ensure your kid eats well 

Ensure to include brain foods in the regular diet of your children to get them healthy and nourished. Include fish rich in omega-3 to improve the brain health of your kids as they provide the essential fatty acids needed for brain function.

Other foods like fruits and dark vegetables rich in antioxidants are proven to promote brain health and offer protection for cognition and memory.

• If your child likes to snack while studying, give them unsalted nuts and seeds such as hazelnuts, walnuts, and sunflower seeds instead of processed snacks like chips.

• These nuts and seeds have vitamin E that has shown to minimize the cognitive decline with age and help in fighting infection.

• Foods rich in Vitamin C such as oranges, limes, guava, lemon, grapefruit, etc. can help to increase their immunity and also better their absorption of iron.

Make sure your child eats complex carbs such as whole-wheat bread, instead of snacks that are high in sugar like the candy bars and sugar rich beverages. 

If your child has eczema and is allergic to certain foods mentioned above, make sure to discuss with your healthcare professional about better alternatives for boosting their immune system.

2.    Get their heart pumping

As exams are approaching for your children, it may be tempting for you to keep them from playing to ensure that they don’t fall sick or get injured. However, you should encourage your kids to get up and exercise. That’s because research has found that regular aerobic exercise helps to boost the region of the brain associated with learning and verbal memory. 

The other benefits of exercise include keeping them fit and active, boosting their metabolism, increasing their alertness level, staying focused, and helping them get proper sleep. Overall it helps to bring down their anxiety and depression feelings. 

So, give your child some time to play their favourite sports and get their blood pumping. This will not only help them with relieving their stress levels with a boost in the production of endorphins but over time it can improve their self-confidence as well and concentrate better on their tasks. 

As parents, if you are worried that your kid may over-exert or injure themselves while the exams are approaching, ask them to indulge in exercises with a moderate intensity such as walking, or swimming. If your child suffers from eczema, ensure to follow eczema skin care management tips.

3.    Encourage good hygiene habits

Germs and bacteria can spread like wildfire in children as they have weaker immunity than adults. So, encourage good hygiene habits such as washing hands often to stop the spread of coronavirus. Also, teach them to wear their masks correctly when they go out for enrichment lessons and school. 

Ensure that your child keeps their nails cut short to avoid germs and bacteria. Otherwise, they might scratch their skin and can infect the wound. 

Keep your child’s desk clean by using antiseptic wipes, once in a day. Stack their test papers and books neatly otherwise, it may collect dust which could trigger asthma or eczema. Keep their room vacuumed and mopped with lukewarm water. Also, keep your kid’s room well ventilated and cool.

4.    Get a good night’s rest

Though most students, especially night owls often stay up late revising their lessons, skipping their sleep before a major exam will do more harm than good. Some studies have found that the lack of sleep causes the regions of the brain related to planning and evaluating decisions to shut down.

Moreover, the association of long-term memories occurs during sleep, so it is vital to catch up enough to retain what you have studied in the long run. 

Adequate sleep of 8-9 hours a day for children 12 years or more, will improve their concentration, mood, and overall productivity. It will also help them to manage their stress levels. When your kid’s bodies are rested properly, they are better prepared to counter fight with infections and germs.

To ensure that your child gets a good night’s rest, let them take half an hour or so to unwind before going to the bed. Avoid watching televisions, phones or computer screens before going to bed or in bed, as the blue light from these devices has been known to affect sleep.

Ask them to follow a bedtime routine such as putting away their books, brushing their teeth before going to bed, as it can help them to fall asleep quickly.

5.    Choose Immunity Booster for your kid’s health

Caring for your child’s health is most crucial especially during their growing years. Immunity booster helps your kids to strengthen their immune system while nourishing their body and mind. Here are a few immunity boosters to aid in digestion and fight off infections:

· KinderNurture Vitamin C 60 gummies

  • For children 4 years and older to stay healthy
  • Has Vitamin C that helps to keep your kids body healthy and strong
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    · Sambucol Kids Formula (UK Version) 120 ml

    • Specially formulated for children over 3  years.
    • Helps to maintain a healthy, strong immune system and fight infections
    • Contains the Original Black Elderberry that has natural antioxidants with added Vitamin C that supports the healthy functioning of the immunity system.
    • From Authorised Sambucol distributor in Singapore. Find more details here

    · Sambucol Kids Formula (AUS Version) 120 ml

    • Specially developed formulation for kids 2 years and above 
    • Contains the Original Black Elderberry that has the potential of the antioxidants
    • Contains Vitamin C, Zinc and honey that helps to support the immunity of kids.
    • Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet.
    • Learn more.

    ·  Nature’s Plus Source of Life Animal Parade KidZinc Chewable - Tangerine, 90 tabs

    • The animal-shaped lozenge tablets are naturally smooth and flavoured with tangy tangerine.
    • Children’s Dietary Supplement with whole food concentrates.
    • Zinc is a vital element for brain development, normal growth and functioning of the immune system in kids.
    • KidZinc Lozenges is a special formula for children that provide soothing combination of herbal extracts including Echinacea, Olive Leaf and Slippery Elm and Ginger
    • Take one lozenge daily directly after meals or as directly by your healthcare professional.
    • Dietary supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition

    · KinderNurture Children’s Multi-Vitamin & Minerals, 60 Gummies

    • Great tasty option to get all the vitamins and minerals your kids will need for healthy growth and development.
    • Vitamins and minerals are vital for healthy childhood development. find more about the KinderNurture Children Multi-Vitamin and Mineral

    Please note that the immunity boosters are not meal replacement. Consult with your doctor if you want more information on the type of food supplements that you can give to your child.


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