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We are featuring two unique enrichment classes and an exciting workshop to  prepare your kids for their future entrepreneurship journey from Kidspreneurship. The next workshop starts from Monday 21 June 2021 and they are having limited seats available, Check out their website and give your kids the flavour of being an  Entrepreneur. 

Also, check out The Rhetoric Collective special discount voucher for Kidsgainhealth members and to save 15% on their debate session, for more info checkout their blog feature in this article. 

Finally we have a lovely feature on Jellybean Party, that teaches a group of minimum 5 children on how to make their own slime? Its a perfect virtual workshop for online birthday parties.

All the lessons and workshops are conducted online due to the COVID restrictions. 



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Kidspreneurship helps equip children, from 7 years old and above, with tools that can help themselves harness their full potential. They believe in ‘Learn through Play’ and focus on activity-based workshops/camps.

 What is the story behind starting this business?

The founder, Swati, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and a Master’s degree in Communication Management and Entrepreneurship. She has over 10 years of experience and has spent most of her career helping corporates, start-ups, small and medium enterprises with digital marketing strategies. She is an entrepreneur at heart and has raised investments to scale her business.

In 2018, while consulting an Edtech start-up, she realised the gap between industry and school curriculum, which sparked her to create a new age curriculum and blueprint that focuses on entrepreneurial mind-set for pre-teens. Swati is now a regular trainer with many enrichment centres and schools.

What workshops can you look forward to during this June Holiday?

Kidspreneurship has a 10-hour camp over 5 days, from 21 June to 25 June, 12.30pm to 2.30pm daily. The camp is designed for children aged 8 to 14 years old

The camp will focus on concepts such as empathy, confidence, self-esteem, observation, open-mindedness, critical thinking and creativity. These help your children identify problem areas, focus on solutions and apply design thinking processes through a variety of activities before opening their minds to practical know how of being a kid entrepreneur.

The following are the theme for each day of the camp:

Day 1 – What Is Entrepreneurship & Entrepreneurial Mindset – Develop An Entrepreneurial Mindset Through Activities

Day 2 – Entrepreneurial Skills and Helping Them Identify What They Are Most Passionate About

Day 3 – Problem Identification & Design Thinking Approach Towards Problem Solving

Day 4 – Prototype Solutions And Learn The Art Of Storytelling/Pitching Ideas

Day 5 – Financial Literacy & Marketing

How much would each workshop cost?

Each online camp is priced at SGD288 and they accept different payment methods including credit card and gpay. They are offering worksheet bundles (not compulsory for the camp) for USD21. They are guided worksheets that can be downloaded. Link 

Is the workshop held physically or online?

The camp is conducted online.

How do I register for the workshop?

To register, go to  

For more information:


Instagram: @iamkidspreneurship 

Facebook: @Kidspreneurship

The Rhetoric Collective

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Have you ever wondered when some people speak, you listen to them as if you were spellbound? What makes them different? Communication skill is a very important life skill. It helps individuals differentiate themselves from others with their uniqueness.

Debating is a communication method that helps your children/ teen kids to understand, think and articulate their thoughts in a constructive way. Did you know that debating can lead them to be good public speakers or improve their presentation skills that can boost your child’s confidence? 

To learn more we have the experts here to share the story behind The Rhetoric Collective. 

Founded by Alfred Goh and Reuben Lopez, they are both well-established debaters themselves. With their experience and love for the art, they have created unique debating training techniques and specialise in training children between the ages of 9-17 with no track records to excel in the competitive scene. 

With their combined experience and tried and tested approach, they are on a mission to nurture young minds with the power of persuasive speech. 

CO-FOUNDER & PARTNER: ALFRED GOH: Alfred consistently ranked amongst the top ten speakers in Asia. He has employed his unique experiences and self-taught techniques to train multiple championship-winning school teams in Singapore and hopes to make debate an accessible sport for everyone.

CO-FOUNDER & PARTNER: REUBEN LOPEZ: With years of success debating as an underdog in the circuit, Reuben has mastered the secret to defying the odds. He now puts that knowledge to use, grooming top dogs in schools without established records in the competitive scene. Reuben served as the Director (Competitions and Training) of the Debate Association (Singapore) from 2017-2019.

What is the age group of the activities for? 

Ages 9-17 years.

What are the dates and duration of the workshop?

Currently the June holidays workshops are fully booked and for future workshops update, stay tuned to their social media. Alternatively, parents can sign up their children for their regular lessons which are currently  conducted online due to the COVID restrictions. 

It is expected that they will be back to physical classes from 26th June for the relevant timeslots, unless things change. They are located at 35B Kreta Ayer Road, Singapore 089000

What are the prices for the activities/workshop and how to make payment? 

Please refer to the link with the price table for various levels and sessions.  Payment can be made directly via their website for the sessions or by bank transfer. For any payment related queries, you can reach out to their friendly staffs via WhatsApp 8892 5004 or email:

Are there any ongoing promotions for children who sign up? 

The Rhetoric Collective has given a special discount code for Kidsgainhealth followers. Use the discount code “15KIDSGAIN at checkout to get 15% discount on top of their already discounted multi-session package prices. This promotion is valid from 17 June to 16 July 2021, with limited redemptions available.

Kindly refer to for the terms and conditions of the promotion before signing up.

How do I register for the debate classes?

To register, go to

For more information:


Instagram, Facebook: @therhetoriccollective         

Jellybean Party

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From entertaining live performances such as Magic Shows and Interactive Game Hosting to Special Mascot Appearances to Fun Filled Bouncy Castles, Jellybean Party have just about everything to make your little guests have the BEST time of their lives!

What is the story behind starting this business?

Jellybean Party was established in 2010 and the founders are professional magicians. They organise events for children to help parents create moments that last a lifetime for their children. They have a large variety of entertainment options and even workshops suitable for adults. With the pandemic and restrictions on gathering imposed, they are offering more workshop options which serves as ideal activities specially catered for smaller groups.

What activities can you look forward to during this June Holiday?

If you have a group of friends looking for some fun this holiday, you can invite them for a Slime Party! The workshop is most suitable for children 6 years and older. Each session last for 1 to 1.5 hours and is a once off session. The workshop is most suitable for private party engagements and there will need to be a minimum of 5 pax per party engaged.

For more information about each workshop, visit

Be sure to check out their website for other workshops such as balloon sculpting and magic!

How much would each activity cost?

Mini Slime Making Workshop: Prices starts from $339

2 in 1 Mini Making Workshop: Prices starts from $570

3 in 1 Mini Slime Making Workshop: Prices starts from $650

Prices stated are catered up to 5 pax. There will be an additional charge of $15 per pax beyond 5 participants.

They accept payment through most payment channels, from bank transfers to credit card payment via paypal, paylah or paynow.

Is the activity held physically or online?

The workshops can either be conducted physically or online, based on your preference.

How do I register for the workshop?

To register, go to the contact page to book the workshop.

For more information:



Facebook: @JellybeanParty


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