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Building Selfconfidence For Kids With Eczema

Self-confident child playing ball outdoors

School going children with eczema can lose their morale as they realise not all kids suffer with itchy skin. Know how to build self-confidence in your kid with eczema.

A child going to school is one of the proudest moments for parents. For your child, it is the beginning of a new chapter of life. He/ she comes across different types of kids and starts learning new things and information. Till now, your child would have been confined t

The school will expose your child to other kids and make them realise that not every kid is troubled with constant itching due to eczema. Soon, your kid might start to point this out to you, and may lose their confidence over time. In such a time, it is your responsibility as a parent to take precautions so that your child may not lose their morale as it will further affect their mental health.

Let us now discuss some innovative ways to build self-confidence in your children with eczema.

Innovative ways to build self-confidence in your children with eczema

1. Spend Time with Your Children

Be a friend to your child and spend time with them by joining playgroups, having storytelling sessions or joining a swimming class. Having social interactions with your kids will help them get over their anxiety and stress they might have developed due to eczema.

Take your little kid to the parks and let them play with other kids. This will help them build confidence while interacting with other children and people. The world can be a bit harsh at them but never let them think they are any different from other kids.

2. Take A Dermatologist Consultation 

A child suffering from eczema needs to consult a dermatologist. They can help you address the skin issues of your child and help to significantly reduce their itching due to dry skin. There is no known remedy to treat eczema entirely, but you can reduce its effects by having a tele-consultation regularly.

Some patches of skin can go away over time, while some might stay with your child for a lifetime. But not treating them on time is the worst thing to do. So, don't hold yourself back from consulting with a medical professional to address the skin condition of your kid.

3. Join Parents Support Group

Bad things can happen to anyone, and you and your child are not alone in this. Don’t feel stressed about how you can build confidence in your child with eczema. You can join a group of parents that share similar interests to share your problems with other parents and get their help. 

Your child can explore and be more confident by being around children who face similar issues like them. There are various parent support groups in Singapore, feel free to join one to support your kid suffering from eczema.

4. Choose Words Carefully

Always think before you speak to your child. Young minds pick up the negative vibes sooner than the positive ones in the message of their parents. Kids with eczema are vulnerable to negative comments from their classmates. So, as a parent you should tell them how to react in such situations.

If you ever become weak in front of your children, they might feel that you are not happy to have them. So, keep telling them how much you love them. Also, remember to let your child live a life of their own. So, don’t obsess to become their protective guard for everything as this can make them weak from the inside.

5. Praise and Appreciate Your Child

The least you can do to boost the confidence of your child is to praise them for what they are good at. Let your kid explore things by themselves and you should appreciate their efforts. Other children and parents might tag your child as an odd kid which may lead your child to start believing that there is something wrong with them.

Your few words and praises can mean a lot to your child and give them enough strength to compete with other kids in every field, be it is education or sports. If they fail, tell them they will do better next time and that you are proud of them for putting their best efforts. This will help them stand strong in a society which judges them due to their skin condition.

6. Share Your Experiences

Let your child know about your story. Tell them your experience and what helped you to overcome your fears when you were in a similar situation. Help them understand that no one is perfect, and even people with an ideal skin condition might not get to live a happy life.

For instance, tell them how you were not able to swim for years, but by being dedicated, you won a tournament. Children learn faster from what they listen, and your real-life experiences can help them make the right decisions at the right time. Your simple efforts like this can boost their willingness to fight and live the way they like.

7. Readout Children’s Books on Eczema

A kid is more emotionally vulnerable than any adult, and as parents you need to put in efforts to handle their emotions. Help your child connect to the stories of other children who have lived their life with eczema by reading out books to them. This will help your kid to get a broad understanding of what they are going through.

Sharing the stories of other kids with eczema who have overcome their fears and tackled various situations in their life, will help increased the confidence in your child. Don't let your child feel weak and make them understand the struggle they might have to go through in life.


If your child has eczema, then you need to give them special care. You should ensure that your child does not lose their self-esteem or confidence due to what others say to them. Tell them they are not alone, and be their friend. Have a good pep talk and storytelling sessions, along with social interactions with people in your society.

During childhood, kids learn new things by failing and trying again. Young children develop an idea about their capabilities through responses they receive from social interactions. It is therefore important to interact with your kids in a positive way without losing your cool and listen to their experiences at school, to support and understand their problems.

 A lot of parents  face similar challenges. You can interact with them through a parent support group, where you  can meet like-minded people. You can choose from the best parent support groups around you in Singapore at https://singaporemotherhood.com/articles/2019/02/support-group-singapore-parents/.


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