Allergen Free Treats For Christmas Celebration in Singapore

Allergy free cakes for Christmas in Singapore

Tis the season to be jolly! With everyone stuck at home during this festive season due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it shouldn’t deter you from enjoying wonderful goodies as you celebrate Christmas with your loved ones. 

We also understand that it is a hassle to find cakes especially when we have children that are on strict dietary requirements, such as allergen-free.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of places where you can get your Christmas cakes and treats guilt-free so that both the young ones and parents can enjoy together!


As the name suggests, Ubakemehappy, is a home based baking business featuring delicious, custom cakes and desserts – what’s more – it caters to all types of dietary restrictions, flavours and themes.

What was the story behind starting this business?

Shweta, the founder and creative talent of Ubakemehappy, was inspired when her then two-year old asked for blue-coloured bus cake. After searching high and low for a high quality cake with premium ingredients that would still appeal to the specific request of her toddler – she realised that she needed to make this herself! Her little man’s excitement and joy convinced her to start a business that would allow for others to experience and witness this same joy.

Moreover, given her own challenges with gluten and processed sugar, she recognized that sourcing for high quality substitutes while keeping cakes and desserts fun and delicious was a challenge for many, but was something that she could resolve!  

What products can you look forward to this Christmas?

Custom cakes are Ubakemehappy’s key feature – ask and you shall get! The most complex of themes and ideas are executed to perfection, even when they are gluten free or dairy free etc

One of them was this almost impossible 3D Bakugan Cake below which is a gluten-free cake!

Ubakemehappy customised cakes

Image source ubakemehappy - 3D Bakugan Cake

Check out some of her other popular cakes – and see what her satisfied clients have to say about her cakes on UBakeMeHappy’s socials. She is happy to do in-depth consultations to make sure all the requirements – look, taste and dietary specific ingredients are perfectly in sync!

Cakes aside, Shweta’s desserts are also hugely popular – choose from date & chocolate bars, scrumptious scones, lemon drizzles and divine brownies.

A note of caution: While the cakes are gluten-free, her kitchen is not but she does her best to avoid cross-contamination. However, if the customer or their children are very allergic to gluten, such as those diagnosed with Celiac disease, she would not recommend her service.

How to order and what are the prices?

Orders can be placed via DM on social media pages, or simply Whatsapp at +65 81815975. It is highly recommended that cake orders are placed one week before the delivery date as order fulfilment is dependent on her availability as well. Although last-minute orders are occasionally accepted, it is best to contact her a week in advance.

As the design and dietary requirements of each cake are specifically catered to the needs of each customer, prices vary for each cake. However, as a local business, she may also give some discounted rates given the current pandemic situation.

How is the delivery done?

You may opt for self-pickup or through third-party delivery providers such as Grab and Lalamove.

Connect with her!



Whatsapp: +65 81815975


Oh My Goodness! 

Oh My Goodness! is a food company in Singapore specialising in making good gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free food more available, accessible and affordable in Asia Pacific to serve those suffering from food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities in the region. Or those who simply wish to eat better. 

Oh My Goodness! is the only company in the region to be Gluten-Free Certified as well as Halal- and ISO22000-certified. 

What was the story behind starting this business?

Ramya Ragupathi is the Founder and Director of Oh My Goodness! Pte. Ltd. She found her love for baking at the age of 16 and the kitchen was her ‘place.’ As she turned 30, she started her personal journey towards health and wellness as she wanted to eradicate her chronic health issues once and for all.  Her success grew her interest in food science, along with her strong belief that food is medicine and “you are what you eat”. When she learnt later that she could no longer consume wheat or dairy for health reasons, this was what ultimately created Oh My Goodness! 

What products can you look forward to this Christmas?

One of their seasonal items are these delicious Gollymint Signature Dark Chocolate Cupcakes! Rest assured that even this tasty frosting is healthy, as it does not contain any icing sugar and only cashews, coconut and maple are used. These come in a gift box of 3, making it a perfect item to gift your loved ones this Christmas (not to mention there are discounts if you purchase 3 boxes or more!). Grab it now as they are only available till 31 December. 

In addition to cupcakes, do look out for the Gollykin Pumpkin Spice Bread! This is perfect for those wanting an extra crunch, as it is topped with pecans which will definitely satisfy your taste buds. Note that this product is only available till 15 February next year or while stocks last. Besides being certified gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free, both of these seasonal items are also certified Halal products.

ohmygoodness cake

              Image Source Oh my goodness! - Gollykin Pumpkin Spice Bread

If you still want more options for gifts, they got you covered with these gift bags. Their gift bags contain two or three slices of cake with various flavours to choose from, with one order containing a total of 10 gift bags. 

Their other products include celebration cakes collection, bread, cookies and even pizza bases. All of them are gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free. Feel free to check against the ingredients listed beside each product for those on strict diets. 

How to order and what are the prices?

You can place your order via their website, which may be done at least 48 hours in advance of the delivery date. Their seasonal items such as Gollymint Signature Dark Chocolate Cupcakes and  Gollykin Pumpkin Spice Bread starts from $16.90 and $35 respectively. Gift bags are from $120 onwards for 10 bags of two slices. Do visit their website for more details on other products, collections and promotions.

How is the delivery done?

Oh My Goodness! delivers to your doorstep anywhere in Singapore (yes, anywhere including Sentosa Cove!) on weekdays from 10am to 1pm, and 3pm to 6pm. For Saturdays and selected public holidays, delivery is from 10am to 1pm only.

Good news - it’s currently free delivery for a limited time! Otherwise, a flat delivery fee is charged at $5.99 for orders below $35 and free delivery above that.

How can you reach them ?

Oh My Goodness! can be reached via their website and do stay tuned to their social media channels for the latest updates and news.


Facebook: @OhMyGoodnessGollyGee

Instagram: @ohmygoodnesssg 


MissMuffet - The Unique Cake Boutique

Cake as unique as you. Miss Muffet - TheUnique Cake Boutique creates cakes that stand out in an already crowded marketplace. Now she offers beautiful cakes that fill the gap for allergy sufferers and vegans.


What was the story behind starting this business?

Miss Muffet was never the name of the owner. In fact, it came about when Anita was asked by a neighbour in passing if she had a name for her business, and without thought she blurted out, ‘Little Miss Muffet’. This was 11 years ago. As she started by baking for her friends and family, her passion and the exclusivity of her cakes gained appreciation and recognition. Through friends and word-of-mouth, her craft slowly spread through the community, and what started as a side hustle progressed into Miss Muffet. As her clients grew, she found a gap in the market for beautiful eggless/allergy-free cakes, and now offers these as a flavour for her Signature Style cakes.


What products can you look forward to this Christmas?

Miss Muffet generally offers two kinds of cakes.

Her ‘Signature Style’ cakes are non-customisable but still come in many designs ranging from marbles to floral cakes. You may choose to have it in vanilla, indulgent chocolate or Róa midnight eggless/allergy-free chocolate flavour. The Róa midnight flavour is formulated to be eggless, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and nut-free, which is especially suited for those who have strict allergies and dietary requirements.


missmuffet cake

    Image source: Missmuffet Signature Cakes  - Modern Florals and Traffic Jam

She also offers Unique Cakes where each one is customisable in terms of design and flavour, although not egg-free nor allergy-free. Do look at some of these stunning designs she has done for past customers! You won’t want to miss out!

How to order and what are the prices?

Signature Style cakes on her website page can be ordered 5 days in advance of the collection or delivery date. These cakes start from $135 but may charge more depending on any additional requirements. 

As for her customisable cakes, it is highly recommended to reserve the date as soon as possible since she only takes in 1-2 customisable cake orders per week. Prices vary according to the design and other requirements.

You can reach out to her via Instagram, Facebook or email for more information.

How is the delivery done?

You may opt for self-pickup at their store located near Hougang or through delivery which starts from $30. 

Any extra details?

Anita is in the process of setting up her biscuit brand which is expected to be launched in 2021. Besides Miss Muffet Cake Boutique, she also runs a studio where she conducts baking lessons and hosting-family based events. 

Not only that, head to @tablestyle_by_anita on Instagram which delivers tablescape packages directly to your door. Exclusively by mailing list, you can sign up here to know when she launches her next collection!

Reach out to her!


Instagram: @missmuffetcakeboutique

Facebook: @MissMuffet.TheUniqueCakeBoutique


Bakening is a leading bakery in Singapore catering to modern dietary needs and goals. We offer a range of products including cakes, breads, cookies and spreads. Our food is made fresh, with 100% natural ingredients. 

What was the story behind starting this business?

Founded by Chang Yi Ning, Bakening.Co derived its name from the words “Nourishing” and “Awakening”. Yi Ning’s past experiences of hormonal imbalances were what motivated her to seek a nutritional change by transforming her eating habits to that of a Paleo diet.

Wanting to help others who might have the same problems and coupled with her passion for baking, she started a business from her home kitchen. This developed into a full-fledged business with facilities that grind and blend only real natural ingredients in-house that goes into their baked goods. Contrary to the popular belief that healthy foods are not as tasty, they strongly believed that any nutrients the body requires can be obtained through real food, without compromising on the taste.

What products can you look forward to this Christmas?

They offer a wide range of wholesome (and awesome) baked goods, from bread and spreads, cookies to cake and muffins! All of the foods do not contain any artificial preservatives and are made from simple and clean ingredients, as according to the Paleo diet. Options such as vegan, keto diet, diabetic-friendly, gluten-free and nut-free are available. Do note that the foods are non-customisable as they are primarily a bakery business and not cake artists. However, if there are any ingredients which you do not want, do let them know as you order. 

With the Christmas Season nearby, they are offering seasonal items such as their Christmas Orange Bliss Cake and Christmas Set (which includes the Orange Bliss Cake, Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies and Crunch items). Enjoy the Christmas Orange Bliss Cake guilt-free, as there is no added fat or sugar, and contains freshly squeezed orange juice and zest to give that additional citrusy flavour.

bakening christmas special cakes

             Image Source - Christmas Orange Bliss Cake

If you are looking for simple and non-decorative cakes, then this is the right place! In their cakes and muffins range, their specialities are the banana chocolate cake and chocolate fudge cake, not to mention their banana chocolate cake is nut-free as well for those who have particular allergies. Their muffins include blueberry and banana muffins as well which you can have them delivered on a regular basis. Do visit their website for more information on the various subscription plans.

You can be assured that all of their products are baked in a dedicated gluten- and dairy-free production facility. Extra care is given to prevent cross-contamination although it cannot be 100% guaranteed that their foods are free from allergens.

How to order and what are the prices?

Their cake prices range from $24.90 to $44.90. 

Do visit their website for more information on the prices of the other product ranges. 

How is the delivery done?

You may opt for self-pickup or through delivery. A fee of $3.90 is needed for orders above $45 and free delivery is given for orders above $60. Delivery can be made the following day if the order was done before 2pm. 

Check out their socials!



Facebook: @bakening


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