Addressing the Emotional Wellness in Eczema Mums

Janny Huynh is a mental wellness coach and a mom of a eczema child.

Motherhood demands lots of patience and responsibilities, and not everyone is ready for this challenge. Sometimes you believe you are not a good mother and feel guilty for your actions. Sounds familiar to you?

Every mommy has gone through this stage somewhere in her journey. So, you are not alone! These responsibilities can get you overwhelmed in case your child needs special attention, especially if they are suffering from eczema.

Non-stop childcare responsibilities and work-life pressure can stress out women to the extent that they feel burnt out or imperfect to their children.

Some of you may even behave in a way that you will sense your behavior changes negatively towards your child. The worst-case  could lead you to depression. All of this will affect your child’s overall well-being.

Eczema and allergies are the most common issues among young children. However, caring for these children can be quite taxing for parents, especially mommies.

The long-term discomforts and stigmas surrounding this skin condition can have adverse effects on your child’s mental and emotional state, as well as their behavior. Eventually, this could affect the tired parent’s unintended adverse reactions.

Without seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, the ongoing eczema symptoms can hamper the lifestyle of a family.

Often, we undermine the emotional toll on mothers who are overwhelmed with lots of responsibilities, including taking care of their children with atopic dermatitis that causes skin irritation, redness, and dryness, etc.

Meet Janny, A Emotional Wellness Coach

Janny Huynh is a mind wellness cum anxiety coach and practitioner at Jitters. She strongly believes that mental and emotional wellness is crucial in the motherhood journey whereby certain new tasks can be quite daunting for new moms, which could lead to anxiety and depression issues.

Jitters offers mindfulness coaching to expectant mothers and other mommies to raise resilient and happy kids in an environment by mastering their emotional fitness. They have trained many mummies to become successful in their profession, with peace, and to have the energy to raise happy children by mastering their minds and emotions.

They use MAP Methodology, which is the next generation of mindfulness tools to support mummies becoming the better version at work and home-setting to produce an outstanding role model for their children. Many mommies have seen wonders in their child’s behavioral changes after they started working on their mind and emotional fitness with a coach. The coaches support and help moms to become emotionally confident parents.

Janny understood the need to care for her own mental and emotional states because of the wake-up call from her children’s eczema issues.

She believes each child has different symptoms and needs different treatments to help them manage eczema flare-ups. Janny hopes to help eczema mums manage the less-talked-about emotional toll they go through but chooses to deprioritize.

Janny acknowledges mummies for holding strong until this very moment as it must have been challenging to help and manage atopic eczema symptoms in a child.

She went through the darkest days of her life fighting this skin condition alongside her daughter aged three and a half, with sleepless nights, tiredness, frustration, sadness, anger, and near surrender.

She had been searching and following all kinds of advice and recommendations as a ray of hope to help manage her child’s symptoms. However, she found herself hugely disappointed when nothing worked for her child.

All this went on until the day she started questioning herself, 'Is there even a point in trying those pieces of advice?’

Eventually, she learned that this skin condition has a very personal and unique journey. Everyone handles the symptoms differently, and what works for one child may not always work for another.

Moreover, the eczema triggers may differ in different kids, and these could be because of food allergies, dust mites, etc.

She does not have any eczema treatment suggestions, such as creams or remedies to use for your kid. Instead, she believes it involves trial-and-error processes to find a treatment that works for your child, and you should just try them with no expectations.

Janny hopes to help you, especially, mummies with managing their emotional health while dealing with their child’s skin problems. She states that maintaining a healthy emotional state for both mommy and child is very important as behavioral changes in mommy can influence her kids.

" It is vital to understand that anxiety issues in mommies can affect the way they handle their child’s physical and emotional pain" . After all, every child is wired to love their parents and absorb their parent’s emotions straight from conception.

She helps moms to handle their emotional wellbeing by sharing her knowledge based on her research, training, and experience with the MAP Methodology which is the next generation of mindfulness tools and coaching.

Janny believes in uplifting a mom's emotional fitness to make a positive impact on the journey with her kids. Learn how to build self-confidence in your child with eczema here.

Bottom Line

Kids GainHealth is a child-eczema care platform. Some mothers go through similar experiences with their children suffering from anxiety and anger management issues due to peer-to-peer bullying, continuous itching, and irritation from eczema.

Eventually, this affects the lives of everyone around them. We strongly believe in empowering families by providing strong child eczema support to mothers in Singapore. Through our Singapore Mothers Support Group SMSG Facebook Community. 

At Kids GainHealth, we believe in helping mommies who are looking for parenting support to manage their child's skin condition and emotional wellbeing. So, we have partnered with Janny at HeartyMums, who will host a workshop supporting the emotional fitness of mummies having children with eczema.

For announcements on the workshop, stay tuned to our social media channels Facebook and Instagram. 



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